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Vista Gas Liquid Filter Separators are a two-stage design construction for the removal of both solid particles and liquid droplets, or liquid droplets only.
The contaminated gas enters the first section and passes through the filter elements.
Separation of the liquid particles occurs in the same manner inside the Glass Fiber Media. But the media is treated so that the liquid particles do not wet the fibers but coalesce into large droplets, from 100 to 200 times their original size, due to their surface attraction for each other:
The gas flowing through the filter media causes the larger droplets to emerge into the center core of the glass fiber elements and to be carried out to the liquid stripper section. Here a Vane Mist Extractor removes coalesced liquid droplets, which are stripped out and drained into the sump vessel for subsequent recovery. Liquid carry-over is totally prevented and separating efficiency of 99,99% on one-micron size droplets is easily achieved.
The pressure loss on the entire operation is extremely low and depends on operating conditions and by the type of filter elements used.

Vista Gas Liquid Filter Separators are manufactured either in a vertical shell, or in horizontal shell, with flange or quick opening closure to facilitate the access to the filter. 

Vane Mist Extractors
Extensive Vista engineering and testing has shown vane spacing, pocket depth, and sizings are critical to the capacity and efficiency of vane elements. Tight control of these parameters during fabrication ensures Vista quality, an integral part of our vane performance


Vista Filter Separators are available in vertical or horizontal, and single or double-barrel configurations. Access to the filter elements can be full diameter and quick opening closure designs.

Performance Guarantee
Vista Filter Separators are guaranteed to remove 100% of all liquid droplets 8 microns and larger and remove 99% of those 0.5 to 8 microns in size. The minimum guaranteed solid particle removal is 100% of 3 micron and larger and 99% for those 0.5 to 1 micron in size.

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