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 Pig Signalers are one of the important gas and oil equipment, used on pipeline launchers and receivers to indicate that the pig has been launched or received.
    The Vista Intrusive Bi-directional Pig Signalers, made in different pressure classifications –ANSI Class 150 up to 1500 and  designed for use at temperatures from -20ºC to +200ºC,available in a variety of models ,as mentioned in the table below, meet all your needs from a pig detector like  mechanical resetting, electrical auto resetting switches or mechanical and electrical signals in combination, stainless steel and  corrosion resistant parts, easy operation, simple installation, minimum space requirement  and multiple accessory flexibility.

Standard Models
M-W                E-W               ME-W
M-F                  E-F                 ME-F
M-W-X            E-W-X            ME-W-X
M-F-X              E-F-X              ME-F-X

Model options and codes for intrusive Pig Signaler are:
M = Mechanical Flag
E = Electrical Switch
F = Flange Mounting
W = Welded Base
V = Valve Model
X = Extension Model (state length)

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