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Multi Phase Separators

Crude oil wells contain oil, gas, water and various contaminants. To
optimize field production, Frames multiphase separators perform
the primary separation of other phases from crude. Multiphase
separators are usually the first and most comprehensive set of
-equipment in the upstream oil production field, with downstream
equipment completely dependent on the proper functioning of the
multiphase separators.
Using state-of-the-art technologies, Frames multiphase separators
guarantee adequate separation, with our clients benefiting from
30 years of process knowledge supported by vista in-house CFD
and R&D expertise.

2 Phase Separators

Available in horizontal and vertical designs, Vista’s ASME 2 phase separators ensure efficient, cost-effective separation of gas/liquid inlet streams. Vista Manufacturing serves the oil & gas industry, along with a variety of other professional arenas, and we manufacture each separator based upon your application requirements and materials preference. In addition, you will find our pricing, turnaround time and product performance to be the best in the industry.

When you purchase two-phase separators for gas separation from VISTA, you’ll enjoy the following features and benefits:
 Industry-leading removal efficiency
 Equipment durability capable of withstanding harsh conditions
 Value-priced construction for tight budgets
 ASME custom designs
 Carbon, stainless steel and other materials availability
 Maintenance-free design

Putting your company’s safety and performance first, our engineers strictly adhere to all ISO, API and ASME guidelines. Our quality control processes begin the moment you place your order, and we offer complete reports following all destructive and non-destructive testing processes.

3 Phase Separator
Ensuring efficient, cost-effective separation of gas, oil and water, Vista’s 3 phase separators are available in sizes and configurations that suit your application specifics. Our engineering team fabricates and constructs each ASME 3 phase separator based on your measurements and materials preference, and our pricing, turnarounds and design performance are the best in the industry

Vista three phase separators have a variety of strengths, including their maintenance-free designs, unmatched durability and impressive removal efficiency. In addition, we can create your three phase separators using stainless steel or carbon steel materials. Whether you choose vertical or horizontal separator designs, our quality control processes ensure the integrity and safety of each 2 or 3 phase separator. Additionally, VISTA provides coalescers that meet ASME standards and can be used for 3 phase separation.

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